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Thumb Brace Wrist Support - good for Trigger Thumb
Loop & Hook with Elastic for Thumb Brace Wrist Support
Full Wrist & Thumb Support  - One size for all
2 layers of tension adjustment on the Thumb Brace Wrist Support
Flexible Steel Splint for Thumb Brace Wrist Support
Dual closure tabs for premium thumb & wrist support
Easy Adjustable wrist support  - good for CTS and Wrist Pain

Thumb Splint Wrist Protection

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Thumb Brace Wrist Support

Protect your Thumb and Wrist with this handy support brace.

Perfect for Trigger Thumb, CTS, Tenosynovitis, De Quervain's Syndrome (Washer woman's syndrome), Texting & Gamer's thumb, Blackberry thumb, Arthritis Wrist Pain and Warmth.

Fingerless, Simple, Safe & Effective Support!

Packaged individually for left or right thumbs

COLORS: Black with Black Trim, Black with Orange Trim

GENDER:  Unisex - Fully Adjustable with Loop & Hook fasteners

MEASUREMENTS:  approx (when fully open flat)

  • Width:   15.4" (390 mm)
  • Height:  5.12"  (130mm)
  • Thickness: 0.20"  (5mm)


Fabric Content Composite:
Neoprene, Elastic, Metal Spring, Loop & Hook Tabs



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